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제목 뉴질랜드 교육진흥청 COVID-19 업데이트_03/22
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오늘 뉴질랜드 정부는 코로나 19 확산방지를 위해 이전보다 더 강한 방안을 발표했습니다.


지난주 뉴질랜드 코로나 19 대응 경보 단계를 2단계로 유지했으나 오늘 3단계로 격상되었고 48시간 후부터 4단계의 최고수준의 경보단계로 들어갑니다. 이것은 뉴질랜드에 살고있는 모든 사람들의 일상을 멈추고 전염병 확산을 위해 타인과의 접촉을 최소화하고자 하는 방안입니다. 코로나 19와 관련하여 필수적으로 일을 해야하는 인력을 제외하고는 모두 재택근무를 하거나 집에서 머무르면서 타인과의 접촉을 최소화 해야합니다. 또한 내일 부터 시작하여 수요일 부터는 뉴질랜드의 모든 학교가  휴교에 들어가게 됩니다. 4단계의 경보단계 유지는 향후 4주간 지속될것이라고 발표하였습니다. 아직 뉴질랜드내 확진자 수가 타국가에 비해 낮은편이지만 선제적으로 관리하여 전염병 확산과 생명의 희생을 방지하고자 하는 조치입니다.


COVID-19과 관련된 뉴질랜드 정부의 발표 및 정보 업데이트는 앞으로 아래 웹사이트를 통해 실시간으로 확인가능합니다.





Supermarkets, doctors, pharmacies, service stations, access to essential banking services, will all be available throughout New Zealand at every alert level. If you do not have immediate needs, do not go to the supermarket. It will be there for you today, tomorrow, and the day after that. We must give time for supermarkets to restock their shelves, there will be enough for everyone if we shop normally. 


In the meantime, we will be working through practices like those used overseas to make sure that social distancing is maintained at supermarkets when people are undertaking essential shops. Non-essential businesses in New Zealand must now close. All bars, restaurants, cafes, gyms, cinemas, pools, museums, libraries, playgrounds and any other place where the public congregate must close their face-to-face function.


Over the next 48 hours as we move to Level 4, takeaway services must move to close their operations. All indoor and outdoor events cannot proceed. In short: we are all now preparing to go into self-isolation as a nation.

Schools will be closed from tomorrow, except to the children of essential workers such as our doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and police – this will give them time to plan. This will be temporary, and schools will close entirely from midnight Wednesday. The school term break will be brought forward. For the remainder of this week and through the term break schools will establish ways to deliver teaching online and remotely. All students across the country are currently being given information on this decision for their parents, including the list of who is considered an essential service. This will be communicated directly to parents.

To be absolutely clear we are now asking all New Zealanders who are outside essential services to stay at home, and to stop all interactions with others outside of those in your household.


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